Polaris POS Features

All features and functionalities of Polaris POS

Polaris POS is more than a point of sale system that manages your sales transactions. It can manage your purchase, accounting transactions and calculate your costs and incomes.

Taxes are coming to UAE and all of the MENA region business after January 2018, and all businesses need an accurate and strong accounting system to calculate and manage their financial transactions. Polaris POS comes to help you to handle all your financial transactions in modern and complete manner.

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Purchase Management Software

  • Suppliers

    You can add an unlimited number of suppliers and supplier accounts with the opening balance in Polaris POS. You can get reports from every supplier transactions and statement anytime that you want.

  • Purchase Cost Evaluation

    You can add your purchase cost to your purchase invoice then the software automatically calculates the purchase cost of every item in purchase invoice.

  • Supplier Payment Management

    You can add your supplier’s payments anytime that you want before purchase (Advance Payment) and after purchase. It calculates and develops a supplier balance/supplier statement for you.

  • Purchase Return

    It sounds impossible that you have purchased without purchase return or refund because there are always items are not according to the thing that we ordered. Polaris POS has plenty functions for refunding and returning a purchase to the supplier.