Progressive Web Application Development

The demand for web development significantly increased and web development become challenging and difficult because it needs to be compatible with both computer and mobile. Hence, progressive web application is a great solution for this challenge. The progressive web application has several benefits. The benefits are explained in the following sections.


Progressive web application are reliable which means these applications are functioning well even in slow internet connection. According to some research still more than 50% of population of the world use 2 and dialup internet connection. So, they may not be able to open fancy website or use all the functions of website properly. However, progressive web applications even works well in offline mode. The problem of connectivity can be solved with progressive web applications.

Fast loading

The progressive web applications are loaded fast despite of device internet connection or device computing power. Progressive web applications interact with application internal processes smoothly. The progressive web applications allow user to feel like an application but they have fully function access like a website.

Less download time and installation

The users do not need to go through or Google Play Store Apple App Store for installing the progressive web application. Moreover, there is no need to submit the application to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps have icons like a mobile app inside tablets and phones, but there is no need of installation through Play Store or App store which decrease the download time due to smaller size for application and installation processes.

Higher performance

The progressive web applications have higher performance due to underneath technologies such as cache, style sheets, and other contents on the website. Faster application and higher performance application cause user satisfaction and better user experiences that make an application a successful application.

Easy to discover

Progressive web applications can be find through search engines such as Google or Bing like a website. This feature makes the progressive web applications more discoverable and it may increase the application retention. However, native apps just can be found within Google Play Store or App Store.

Easy to update

The progressive web applications are easily updatable. The user just need to update the original content of the website and the content of application will be updated automatically. This make updating the application easier, faster for developer and faster for users which install the application and reduce the update time process.

Polaris Technology allows any business to have better experiences for their business and help the businesses to grow faster and better. We have professional web development team which helps any business not only to have a great website, but also to experience great mobile application. The progressive web application is essential for every business. However, the deployment of progressive web application is a critical task that needs expertise and dedication.