Polaris Field Service

Field service management is used by many different industries from waste management, utilities, telecommunication, public sector transportation and other businesses which govern with services that they need in site support or goods pickup. The Polaris Technology provides solution from scheduling order management, vehicle location or technician location tracking, job status update, GPS Navigation and time tracking and technician or driver performance in specific period.

With aid of Polaris Technology Field Service solution, which is on mobile and tablet platform by nature, employees can update their job while they are still on the site work, print invoices with mobile printers and check customer and accept customer payment and importantly get customer signature digitally for job or service accomplishment.

The technician and drivers can enter their start time and finish time, use GPS to find the location and give their location, and also their time and performance efficiency is recorded as well. Moreover, technician and drivers can assign to different jobs while even they are not in the main office or change their assigned jobs and task.

The Polaris Technology Field service solution is suitable for any businesses with any sizes. Polaris Field service management is cloud based and use the Software as Service model which give change to small businesses to accomplish their task better, because they do not need to pay for expensive upfront licenses or IT infrastructure and they just need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access on hosted Polaris Field Management Software.

According to statistic the companies which use field management software their job completed per day increased up to 47% which indicates the strong improvement in job efficiency. Services companies can cut cost and add values to other key areas with aid of Field service management software. Due to efficient scheduling and better routing to find locations, companies can cut driver distances and fuel consumption that helps organizations and small businesses to cut their costs. The field service management give better control over services and better accountability of customers.

The old approach which is paper based solution can increase the chance of error in the services like data redundancy and sometime dishonesty which cause difficult management for managers. Polaris field service software allows the staff to record their job data, log hours, material which used and list down the tools has been used, and the system will automatically charge the customers according to those tools and devices. Also, Polaris Field Service software enables workers to have complete proof of their job that has been done even though they are still on the customer site.

Test Polaris field Service software and you will see the difference in your operation and efficiency.