Polaris POS Features

All features and functionalities of Polaris POS

Polaris POS is more than a point of sale system for manage your sales transactions, It can manage your purchase, accounting transactions and calculate your costs and incomes.

Taxes are coming to UAE and all of MENA region business after January 2018, and all businesses need an accurate and strong accounting system to calculate and manage their financial transactions, That is where Polaris POS comes to help you to handle all your financial transactions in modern and complete manner.

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Inventory Management

  • FIFO method for Inventory Valuation

    "FIFO" stands for first-in, first-out, meaning that the oldest inventory items are recorded will be sold first but do not necessarily mean that the exact oldest physical object has been tracked and sold. In other words, the cost associated with the inventory that was purchased first is the cost expenses first.

  • Barcode printing and Scanning

    You can easily import the previous barcodes in the system or insert and generate new barcodes and print them.

  • Item Expiry management

    Polaris POS can track the item expiration. It gives you very clear notifications and emails for the items that close to expiration. The only thing that you need is to insert the expiry date of every item that you insert in software and set the notification setting and assign users for item expiry, then everything is easy, the software will inform you about item expiry.

  • Item Limitation

    You can set the minimum and maximum number for each item and assign users for getting item number limit notifications. Then, the software automatically informs you when the quantity of the item is less than or more than the limit.

  • Bulk Item Import from Microsoft Excel

    Polaris POS supports the bulk item import functionality. You just need to enter all of your products information in Microsoft Excel, and then you can import that Excel file into the software.

  • Inventory Valuation

    You can get the report from your inventory. Also, you can get valuation report. It can give you a detailed report per item, item category or inventory.

  • Stock Transfers

    You can define an unlimited number of inventories in Polaris POS. There is great functionality that allows you to transfer items between stocks or add/issue items from each stock.

  • Item Prcing

    Polaris POS has a flexible section for defining item sale price or purchase price. Once you set a price for the item, it automatically shows the updated price on sales or purchase section.

  • Item Tax Management

    There is the customized section for defining a specific tax per item in Polaris POS.

  • Inventory Reports

    You will have a great reporting from your items and inventory. It is not just about quantity of items, it also includes many sections like item expiry or best-selling items or worst selling items.