Grow your Health and Beauty retail with Polaris POS

Polaris POS is not only a retail POS management, Inventory Management it can work as a accounting software and manage your store expenses, purchase and payroll.

It can be install on a pc or pos as one computer or you can install it in your private Network or in your webshoting or Polaris cloud platform.

Polaris POS is a tool to help you to grow your business.

Have your software everywhere

As a business man or business owner, you spend most of your time out of the office, so it make sense to be able to can access to your software and control your business when you are in move or outside.

You have your business reporting and all it's data in your mobile phone anywhere and anytime that you want and why not using it when you are outside of office and you are moving. plus keep your evening free for life and family.

Using Polaris POS is like having your accountant with you all the time.

Management of Cash Flow

With Polaris POS, you can record and track your payables and receivables. This enables you to know your current as well as future cash flow status.

For example, you can enter your bills as well customer invoices, and their due dates, and get insightful reports that will tell you if your receivables are enough to pay your future bills.

Plus, you can keep records of invoices and bills which can help you to avoid late fees and overdraft charges.

Manage multiple store and multiple Point of sale just with one software

Polaris POS is web-based software that deployed in cloud, You can work with in any platform that can connect to internet and have web browser like your mobile phone. Polaris POS has a flexible layout and mobile friendly interface for mobile devices.

you just need to have a user with privilege in software, internet connection and web browser to connect to Polaris POS and get benefit of it's powerful reporting system.

How Polaris POS help your business

Everything you need to manage as a modern restaurant

Easy to start and work

Polaris POS is very easy to use, the only thing you need for minimal startup is a computer and internet connection. You can import all of your inventory items from your old software easily just with entering them in excel file and imprt them in Polaris POS.

Manage your store everywhere with every device

Polaris POS is a cloud based software that works through internet. So, you can access to your software and it's report everywhere and specially with everything because it is web based software and all of mobile phones or computer devices have web browser to work.

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