Polaris POS Features

All features and functionalities of Polaris POS

Polaris POS is more than a point of sale system that manages your sales transactions. It can manage your purchase, accounting transactions and calculate your costs and incomes.

Taxes are coming to UAE and all of the MENA region business after January 2018, and all businesses need an accurate and strong accounting system to calculate and manage their financial transactions. Polaris POS comes to help you to handle all your financial transactions in modern and complete manner.

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Accounting Management Software

  • Cash Accounts

    You can have multiple cash accounts. For example, one cash account for purchasing, another for customer payments, and another cash account for other payments, and loans. Also, you can have cash accounts for each sale person and user and monitor their transactions.

  • Payments / Deposits

    You can pay your bills anytime, anywhere. Also, you can deposit money from the customer and print the bill for them anytime in any currency with Polaris POS payment / Deposit method.

  • Store Expenses

    Your office has many expenses like electricity, rent, license and so on. In Polaris POS you can insert and manage your store expenses easily in the standard way.

  • Journal Entry

    In traditional accounting, the journal entry is a record of a transaction in which the total amount in the Debit column equals the total amount in the Credit column, and each amount is assigned to an account on the chart of accounts. For the daily transaction entry, Polaris POS automatically use same forms and familiar formats.

  • Balance sheet / Trial Balance

    A balance sheet is a financial statement that summarizes a company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time. These two reports with profit and loss statement are critical for every accounting software and every accounting systems must have these reports.

  • Multi Currency

    In this era and in some places like Dubai every business needs to work with more than one currency. In Polaris POS you can add any number of currencies that you want and add a currency as the main currency. Then, the system calculates your reports according to the main currency according to updated daily exchange rates.

  • Accounting Reports

    You will have all the accounting reports that an accounting system must have like balance sheet, trial, balance, profit and loss statement, cash flow, bank inquiry and so on.