Run your restaurant in much easy and powerfull way with Polaris POS Software

Polaris POS is not only a retail POS management, Inventory Management it can work as a accounting software and manage your store expenses, purchase and payroll.

It can be install on a pc or pos as one computer or you can install it in your private Network or in your webshoting or Polaris cloud platform.

Polaris POS is a tool to help you to grow your business.

Your Restaurant in palm of your hands

Point Of Sale

Polaris POS is an easy and great tool to sell your products to your customer whether you use PC, POS Machine or Tablet

Sale Operations

With Polaris POS you can manage your business sales operations easily and powerful with the features like Sales Return, Customer Payment, Sales Order/Delivery

Purchase Operations

Polaris POS also can manage your purchase and suppliers transactions with its features like purchase order, GRN, Purchase invoice, Supplier payments and Purchase Return.

Accounting Transactions

Polaris POS can manage your accounting transactions also and calculate your profit & lost every time without any pre requirement to have a massive accounting knowledge. You can access to your balance sheet, Trial balance, Cash Flow and ... anytime, anywhere

Store Management

You can define and manage many stores in same time in Polaris POS, As a Business Leader you can check the profit, Balance sheet or cash Inquiry of any store but every store just can see their store information without any awareness of other store information


It is easy to add, edit or delete any product with their barcode, sales price or expiry date. You can insert new products even when you want to purchase it. Polaris POS designed to help you in easiest and fastest possible way.


It can manage your inventory with features like adding, deduction or transfer between different location, it also calculate the items cost with FIFO standard


With Polaris POS not only sale you will take control of the purchase transactions like purchase orders, GRN, supplier balance and supplier payments


It manage your orders automatically and also with the features like reorder level or restock levels you never going to face of having too much or too little stock in your inventory.


You can easily manage your customer transactions with Polaris POS, You can easily define customers, customer groups and check their purchase or their balance any time


Polaris POS help you to have good control of your supplier transactions with its features like supplier payment, purchase return, supplier balance, purchase order/delivery/ and invoice.

Bank/Cash Accounts

You can have any count of bank account or cash accounts and have a control to cash flow of every bank/cash account in your business


There is no limitation for quantity of users who use this software and you can define and set the access level for every user according the your business requirement


Polaris POS is not about just manage one store, You can define and manage any count of store and inventory in this software

Sales Reports

Having awareness of your sales, customers and your benefits anywhere and anytime with well customized sales reports.

Inventory Reports

You will be able to have a control of your inventory with its on hand reports, reorder level and low stock reports.

Purchase and Supllier Reports

It help you to have well information of your suppliers and purchase transactions with features like purchase inquiry or supplier statement.

Accounting Reports

You access to the all standard accounting reports like Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and lost statement,Bank Inquiry and GL and journal Inquiry

End of Day Reporting

Track your sales every day with Daily sales report, Check customer payments and sales actions

Sales Traget

You can set your sales goals for your team and identify your team weakness and power with well customized sales reports

It can be accessible from anywhere with any device

It works on Tablet, Mac, POS or PC. It can works offline or in your private network.

Features & benefits

Everything you need to manage as a modern restaurant

Polaris POS is not Just a POS Software, It can manage Purchase and your Accounting tasks easily

The biggest problem with most of POS software’s these days is their lack of capability to manage accounting and purchase tasks, In this era a business doesn't just need a sales software it's need something more than it something can manage accounting, Purchase and Inventory. In Polaris POS You just need enter the purchase then software calculate your income when it do sale with FIFO standard and also it can manage all your shop expenses easily without any requirement to having accounting knowledge


Polaris POS has capability to manage more than currency, and there is no limitation for quantity of currencies that used in software just define your currency and your exchange rate per day. It calculate and exchange automatically every transactions for you

Multi Store

Polaris POS is not about just manage one store, You can define and manage any count of store and inventory in this software

Access Level

Polaris POS has a strong foundation for user access level you can not only limit the access of a user for software menues even you can set the access for every store, inventory and bank/cash accounts

Importance of transaction speed

Quickly add, edit or remove products from you list, and stay on top using customizable short Keys. Polaris POS has simple sell screen streamlines ordering, so you can process more transactions in short time.

Make customers happy

Find out who is best and valuable customers, track their interest and make loyalty program according to their interests.

Works on any devices

Polaris POS works on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, laptop or PC. All you need is a browser. It may compatible with POS hardware you already have.

Works Offline

It can install in your computer or your local network without any requirements of internet.

Understand your business well

Polaris POS is powerful tool to give you more understanding of every aspect of your business. It allows you to simplify your business processes and align your staff and product supplies with the demand. Polaris POS reporting features allow you to understand more, and know more than before. Polaris POS helps you to lead the competition and have better decision for your business.

Polaris POS is very easy to setup and to use, and it is compatible with wide range of POS hardware, also, there are wide range of video tutorials about Polaris POS that can be accessed once the software purchased.

Monitor Sales, products, Customers and staff

You can update your sales in every minutes in different places. Polaris POS reporting will let you understand about your business progress better. Learn what makes you more profit and what you can do better. Multi-Currency Polaris POS is a easy and great tool to sell your products to your customer whether you use PC, POS Machine or Tablet

Great Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support, which help you to remove any issues anytime in the day.

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