Polaris Books - Enterprise Manufacturing Management System Software

In manufacturing we need to keep everything up and running. Polaris Cloud Solution allows you to automate the whole process from cost saving, scheduling preventative maintenance, identifying trends in breakdowns and reducing unplanned downtime.

Learn out the benefits of Polaris Manufacturing Cloud Solution

Store manufacturing guides and manuals on mobile devices

Keep detailed information for equipment on-the-go for those who need it the most, furthermore you can view all attributes of the equipment including parts, assets, and locations across all mobile devices.

Easy reports generated for review or audit

Generate reports easily and flexibly with Polaris Books so that you can view and compare cost and time spent on each projects, eliminate unorganized paper and digital manuals in multiple locations and easily use this available information for auditing.

Accessible Everywhere by Mobile

Remain over your work orders whenever, anyplace. Our computerized push warnings for work order progress combined with your group's ability to communicate in real-time through the application makes getting job done easily!

Improve efficiency and increase productivity

Polaris Books provides functionalities which improves the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing activities, easily check and view schedule of past completed maintenance work orders, adheres to world class manufacturing protocol, custom dashboards to track preventative maintenance.

All communications with one simple app

It is easy to communicate to your staff or perform a task with Polaris Cloud Solution, assign work orders to floor staff, effectively prioritize the most important tasks, communicate between employees and teams is all possible with one app.