Experience Polaris Cloud Solution for healthcare purposes

Healtchare management system for patient and practice administration that is packed with literally rich in features. Suitable for clinics with hundreds to thousand patients per month or hospitals with hundred thousand patients to million patients per month. In your clinic, outside, or at home. At your desk, on your laptop or on your phone; anywhere you need access to your patient records.

Learn out the benefits of Polaris Cloud Solution


For clients and third-parties, Polaris Cloud Solution takes care of all billing and debt management, including e-billing which also looks expenditure practice of the hospital. Clever features such as stock control, barcode scanner, receipt printer, price profiles for each client, etc. will definitely help you in managing accounts for your company or organization. We make it easy to pay your business partner on the commission they have earned based upon a percentage or fixed fee. You can generate your billing details directly to the format that you wanted.

Generates Analytical Data and Reports

Track critical data and KPI’s by making use of the unique homepage which utilizes statistics that reports status of hospital attributes. Such as hospital visitor statistics, facilities usage statistics, new staff statistics, most needed service,etc. You can customize the criteria of the report which makes the results general or specific as you needed, it is also possible to export the data to a spread sheet to allow you to print or analyze it more.

Clients & Patients

With Polaris Cloud Solution it is possible to capture client details quickly and easily while you can also customize their profile to suit hospital needs and maximize the hospital opportunities in marketing. View all your clients & patient’s records, accounts, and appointments from the unique Client Log screen.