Experience Polaris Cloud Solution for education purposes

Now you can easily manage your online courses with Polaris Cloud Solution, which helps you to create, manage, deliver and track your online courses. The availability of Polaris Cloud Solution as cloud based learning management system allows robust, flexible, and extendable learning for the learner and teaching for the lecturers.

Learn out the benefits of Polaris Cloud Solution

Course Management

A system that allows lecturers to create single or multi-subject course. Create modules/chapters and add various types of content. The course library allows self-enrollment or a request based enrollment. Specific departments will have different courses recommendation. Allow course material to be accessed in any order or in a sequence. Setup schedule based access for course material. After a learner finishes a course the learner can rate their experiences.

Course Material

By using Polaris Cloud Solution, you can create challenging while rich content courses with different types of format such as via HTML pages, PDF, videos, documents, presentations, image slides, excel sheets, images, multiple choice questions (MCQ), essays for the learning progress of your learners which is customizable for your learners.

Learner Management

Individual learners can be managed as groups of learners with ease. Create new learners account, enroll learners to courses and allow them to receive notifications via email with just a few clicks. Mass import learners using CSV. Manage mass enrollments and announcements by batch and other functionalities.

Analytics and Reports

As user of the system you get access to various reports to track enrollment, learner progress, attendance, course completions, certificates issues, learner activity, exam performance, and more.